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Free NEXT DAY Delivery For SoCal Clients.

Free Next Day Delivery for SoCal Clients
(1-3 bus. days for NorCal clients)

Transparent Pricing Controlled in Realtime by Seller

Current & Historical Market Data

Accurate Product Images & Lab Results

Flat Fee
(Includes Transaction, Delivery, & Logistics)

No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Interested in listing your products on Blake-Trade as a seller?

We are now accepting applications from licensed cannabis businesses in California. Qualified businesses are encouraged to complete a quick questionnaire (via ‘Apply Now’) so we can gather some basic information. Serious inquiries will be replied to within 3 business days.

(Please Note: Blake-Trade is currently focused on the following cannabis derivatives: 

Trim, Biomass, Flower, Crude, Distillate,  and/or Pre-Packaged Products.)

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